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اللغة الانجليزية ثاني ثانوي الاسئلة في اربع صفحات ترم 2

اللغة الانجليزية ثاني ثانوي الاسئلة في اربع صفحات

الصف الثاني الثانوي 2 

Published on Apr 11, 2014 

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الصف الثاني الثانوي 2 
1. English supervision 2nd term 2ndyear secondary English (First foreign language) Time: 3 hours ‫صفحات‬ ‫أربعة‬ ‫فى‬ ‫األسئلة‬ A-Language Functions I- Respond to each of the following situations: 1-You ask your friend doctor's advice how to keep fit. 2- A pen friend asks you about the places of interest in Egypt . 3- Your brother got a good job at a big company. 4- You suggest going to the theatre at the weekend. 2- Say where the mini- dialogues take place and who the speakers are: 1- A: I'd like to book a return ticket to Aswan. B: Here you are. Platform No. 5. Have a good trip. A: Thank you. 2- A: I have a severe headache what should I do now? B: Take this medicine, regularly. And you have to take some rest A: Thank you. B- Vocabulary and Structure 3- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c, or d: 1- Children sometimes hurt ……..when they are playing . a- one self b- themselves c- ourselves d- theirs 2- Countries on the Mediterranean ……….have more people living there during the summer. a- beach b- coast c- shore d- bank 3- It is very important that we eat healthy food,………….? a- does it b- isn't it c- don't we d- are we 4- Sara got a new job which ……….answering the telephone and writing to customers. a- contains b- includes c- consists d- encloses Place : ……… . Speaker A: ……… Speaker B: ……… : ……..……… Place : .…. Speaker A: …… Speaker B: 
2. 5- Salwa is very interested ………..medicine. a- on b- in c- at d- of 6- I didn't have much sleep last night, but ………I don't have to go to school today. a- finally b- amazingly c- unfortunately d- fortunately 7- Yara was naughty as a child, but now her……..is much better. a- behaviour b- be having c- shyness d-mistakes 8- If you had put the water in the freezer, it ……into ice . a- would have turned b- turns c- will turn d- turned 9- Tourism is the second most important………of foreign currency in Egypt. a- carrier b- gains c- earner d- winners 10- It is a smoke- free area. So you ……….smoke here. a- are allowed b- mustn't c- need d- don't need 11- What kinds of damage can tourists……to the culture and environment of a country they visit? a- make b- causes c- do d- wins 12- In the story of Moby Dick, Captain Ahab is absolutely …………to catch the white whale. a- decide b- determined c- serious d- want 13- The …….took the injured man into the emergency room. a- paramedics b- engineers c- patients d- directors 14- Noura's ……….is to become a children's doctor. a- want b- announcement c- ambition d- beauty 15- Rice is the main ……………of tonight's dish. a- food b- crops c- fruit d- ingredients 16-Most houses in countries where it rains a lot have …………roofs. a-straight b-sloping c-flat d-long 4- Find the mistake in each sentence, and then write them correctly: 1. The stems of all living things control what they will be like. 2. If I felt tired, I usually go to bed early. 3. You should apply to this job. I'm sure you will be successful. 4. A monastery is a building where monks lives. 5. Cheap air travel today has made massive tourism popular. 
3. 6. Wild animals are keep in cages. C- Reading and Writing 5- Read the following and then answer the questions: Amy Tan is a Chinese American writer. She writes about the lives of second generation Chinese American. She was born in California in 1952, several years after her mother and father immigrated to San Francisco from China. Her father John, was an electrical engineer. When Amy was eight, her essay, "What the Library means to me" won first prize. Her father died in 1967 from brain trouble as her brother. Tan has written several novels including "The Joy Luck Club", published in 1989, This novel has been translated into 15 languages," The Kitchen God's Wife" and ''Saving Fish from Drawing". Theses deal with the difficulties mothers and daughters have in truly understanding one another. Tan lived in New York with her husband, a lawyer whom she met and married in 1973. A) Answer the following questions:- 1 - What did Amy do when she was eight? 2-what was her father 's job? 3-What does the underlined word "This" refer to ? B) Choose the best answer from a. b, c or d:- 4- Amy Tan was married when she was ......... a) 25 b) 29 c) 21 d) 14 5- Where were Amy Tan's parents born? a)America b) China c)San Francisco d) India 6- Read the following passage, then answer the questions: The basic function of education is to teach children knowledge, values, and pattern of behaviour they will need in the adult World and will move from generation to another. Education is largely informal that occurs within the family. Family members teach children the values of their society as well as certain basic skills. Parents may teach their children the skills of cooking, food 
4. gathering, hunting and fishing. By this way Children learn the way of society by participating in adult activities. Formal education which involves instruction by specific trained teachers who follow officially recognized policies, is called schooling, Schools fulfill this function through a set of courses that include such subjects as languages and literature, history geography, mathematics, science and foreign Languages. Also schools develop the critical thinking of students' skills that are necessary to meet their needs in the future. A) Answer the following questions 1- What is the aim of education? 2- How will schools achieve their goals? 3- How do children learn from societies? B) Choose the best answer from a. b. c or d: 4- The underlined word "their" here means…………….... a) individuals b) parents c)students d) teachers 5- This passage mentioned.......... types of education. a) two b) three c)one d) four D -The Reader (Gulliver’s Travels) 7-A) Answer the following questions: 1. What did Glumdalclitch call Gulliver? What does this name mean? 2. What did Gulliver learn about the geography of Brobdingnag? 3. Name three things that Gulliver showed the captain to prove his story was true. 4. How was Gulliver able to hurt the giant rat that attacked him? B) Read the following quotation and then answer the questions: " He will be fine . Just think of the money we can get from him ." a- Who said this to whom? b- How can he make money out of Gulliver ? c- What do you think of the farmer's character ? 
5. C) Find the mistake in each sentence and then write it correctly: 1. The farmer's daughter taught Gulliver their anthem. 2. Gulliver felt happy when the king laughed at his own country. E- Writing 8) Write a paragraph of about 100 words on: Technology makes the world a better place .Write and give your opinion. F- Translation 9) A: Translate into Arabic: Co-operation among nations of the world will result in spreading peace and security. They should help each other to improve the living conditions of their people. It also leads to tolerance and understanding. B) Translate into English:- 1-‫أن‬ ‫يجب‬‫الوالدين‬ ‫واحترام‬ ‫الوطن‬ ‫حب‬ ‫على‬ ‫األطفال‬ ‫ننشئ‬. 2-.‫األحمر‬ ‫البحر‬ ‫على‬ ‫رائعة‬ ‫بمنتجعات‬ ‫مصر‬ ‫تزخر‬ ‫األسئلة‬ ‫انتهت‬ 


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